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2nd Annual

Limited to 100 Participants

When: Saturday, April 6th, 2024












In this role-playing exercise, students, providers and staff become "patients" who seek medical attention from "doctors", who are members of the local Deaf community. Our goal is that participants come away with possible solutions and resources which can reduce healthcare inequities in this community. The subtler lesson is that Deaf people aren’t broken, but the medical system has the potential to break them.

Deaf-Centric Hospital will mimic what hospitals and doctor's offices look like in today’s world.  Students, providers and staff will interact with Deaf/hard of hearing community members who have been trained to act as physicians and other healthcare professionals (pharmacists, receptionists, dentists, etc.).

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*Note: We will take pictures and video at this event.  
Media consents forms will be available on 4/6/24

Deaf-Centric Hospital encourages all people to participate fully. If you anticipate needing any type of accommodation please indicate that below.

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This type of event depends on a commitment to attend to be successful. Before you RSVP please check your calendar to ensure you can be there.  Thank you!


The Event Planning Team : )

Thank you! You will receive additional information soon!

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